by Anadel

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released November 5, 2012

All music by Anadel
Lyrics by JT Bailey
Produced by Matt Wright & Anadel
Original artwork by Steven Bailey

Recorded and mixed by Matt Wright at Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati CA.
Mastered by Nick Moon at Tone Proper Mastering, Troutdale OR.
All music/lyrics (c) 2012 Darms Lane Music, all rights reserved



all rights reserved


Anadel Napa, California

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Track Name: Victoria Falls
Listen, listen, listen brother of mine – she says just a small moment of time – faith is a tree that wants only to grow – a cry in the dark for him who wanders alone – hear the bells. Seven wonders to take our breath away – what is left in your hands when your pictures fade – a voice in the desert is calling your name to be heard – don’t confuse wisdom with all the things that you learn. Brother I am not more than what you can see – my mind is the tide churning the waters beneath – and towers that lean will sway with the wind don’t you know – we’re all the same, I wonder where do we go – where do we go – tell me where. I need something stronger – to keep my feet on the ground – are you content chasing shadows – I find no peace in what you have found – your hopeful unknown – tell me, where do we go. Listen, listen, listen brother of mine – here at the end we’ve only a moment of time – I am the last one standing amongst the crowd – cant you hear me calling – calling loud – hear the bells.
Track Name: Never Much
All that I said, what I heard in my head – is it real is it all a dream – like a master disguise, the tricks in the mind – never clear always in between – so avarice grows – watch it grow. I couldn’t wait for daylight to break – and show us where we’d gone wrong – but she turns the wheel – I wish I could feel – what was in her eyes all along. She says – I, I could never find – but it’s not what you wanted – it’s frozen ground. All of my words – least the ones that you heard – they’re just flowers on the grave – the sun casts its light – wrong never right – but time doesn't want to be saved – I, I could never find – but its not what you wanted – its frozen ground – all these efforts that make us small – all for one is never enough – its never much. I, I could never find – its not what we wanted – but its all we have.
Track Name: Walls
Well you wake up – you’re only dreaming – you wish that you could stay in the world your mind creates. I find you looking out the window – at the road that stretches on, you wish that you were on it – so why, why, why – why do you linger – why do you stay here. I hear your footsteps running through the garden – you’re looking for a door – but your mind is overgrown – the walls are only as high as we make them – we’ve put up every stone – only we can tear them down. Darling there’s no easy escape – darling there’s no cloud or flame – just one voice – one lonely voice – you can hear it, if you stop your ears. I wake up – I was only dreaming – but I wish that I could stay, in the world my mind creates.
Track Name: In the Water
You hold your every breath – but life is for the living, in the water – you feel that you should run, but where are you to hide – in the water. Against the tide we struggle with the skin we’re in, the skin we’re in – against the tide we struggle - to keep our heads above the deep – and our hearts above the lie. You vow your life and blood – but this is not our home – in the water – our hope here’s never found – just try and keep your way – in the water. Who we are today – could never make amends for what we’ve one – tainted blood – his eyes are full of love – forgive them – release them.
Track Name: Are We Afraid/Cities
Put your hands into the fire- put your hands upon my face – leave them there your warmth to hold – to know is to love. Put your hand inside my own – watch the sound, watch it flow – the fields will change just like the waves – the rise and fall of tempest days. Are we afraid – or are we alive – are we afraid – afraid to find, the flame touches all. The sun and his friends are filling this home – a nest in decay but we call it our own – they’re twisting and turning all corners to find – salve on the wounds of neglect and of time.

All these broken bells – their words cheap – preaching from the corners of our minds streets – any lie is better than truth we’re told – we wanna live like rivers run – flowing towards the sun. I can see the shadows giving up – soundwaves, the rising of – don’t believe that it is not enough – the city shakes – and shatters like the words we break. Dust to dust, we rise and found again – we don’t know why, we don’t know why – build it up tear it down – this glass house – we don’t why – we can feel our time. I can see the light that leads you here – soundwaves, rising fear – don’t believe that it is not enough – the city wakes – well hold the fire, its ours to take.